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Short video shot with a phantom Pv2+ drone.


64 3D pictures.


Here is a zip file containing 64 3D Hd pictures for your 3D TV or desktop/laptop.

Please visit our anaglyph gallery  if you cannot display the above files.

Those pictures were shot in july with a 100 € lens.
Next year, we shall use a professionnal 3D rig with 2 cameras for professional 3D pictures.



Here is a real 3D video we made to learn how to produce a real 3D video.

You will need a 3D TV or a laptop/desktop 3D ready.
In case of a TV, please unzip the file on a USB disk and connect it to the high speed usb plub of your receiver.

That video was made for majestik, a french developer that implements 3D vision under Linux.
It's full Hd (2 x 1920x1080 pixels) and original soundtrack was composed by us.

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