Structure of the fort




Structure of the fort


All around the outside of the fort, starting at the wall of the counterscarp, you will find a glacis with an observation path

And towards the outside, a covered fore-path allowing the first defence for the infantry and access to two artillery platforms facing Neufchâteau.




The fort is an irregular quadrilateral, something like a diamond.

 The barracks are situated next to open yards and casemated covered paths, which, in case of war, protect soldiers and weaponry.

Because of the arrival of the new artillery, In 1859, the polygonal shapes of the forts appeared in order to ensure the protection of all the angles of the walls scarps and counterscarps.

Total area, 4,5 hectares (about 8 acres)  3,6 hectares (about 6 acres) without the ditches.

The whole fort is covered with several meters of earth (3 to 7 meters on the powder magazine). The last meter of earth was sifted so that the stones should not make worth the effect of the shells when they exploded.


The sloping entrance to the fort with a ravelin (facing the entrance) shows an outside casemated guard room including the quarters of the battery guard.



A ditch with sides built up in stone outside and inside, scarp and counterscarp all around the fort was dug on about 800 meters.



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