The Fort of Bourlémont is a mattering element from the defensive system of our east border and was set up by the general Séré de Rivières after 1871.

It was built in three years from July 15th,1878,  to july  15th, 1881.
The presence of more than 2000 workers at certain instants was necessary for its construction .

In purposeful strategy: make  the ennemi use the Charmes way, one of the passages left deliberately free between Toul and Epinal, his objective was to block the main communications and to allow slowing down  the ennemi so that rears can organizeit's defense.

Isolated, it was able of defending itself in all directions and had to watch and defend the rail knot and lorry driver of Neufchâteau as well as the valley of Saônelle and the dale of Midrevaux.

Its building in bricklaying and its protection by massifs of earth from 3 to 7 metres of thickness had to allow it to be subjected without damage to the impacts of bombs drawn in with black powder.

But, apparition of  mélinite, more powerful explosive, and of  gun "torpedo" returned it's  protections deficient.

This Fort remains in it's original state.
Visitors are allowed to discover nice bricklaying, to understand how people lived  at the end of XIX ° century.
And also, feeling a bit lost inside a maze.



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